Tools used for the Birman server

It takes a LOT of tools to build a good web site. Here is a list of the tools that are used to maintain this site:

  • Frontier for Windows - it provides an object database with scripting, which is used to create and maintain most of the web pages. Once you start using Frontier, you just can't go back to the old way of managing your site!
  • Photoshop - used for nearly all of the image manipulation
  • Intellihance, PhotoTools, Portfolio - all additional tools for images
  • RayDream Studio - for the animated cube on the first web page
  • Perl - for all of the CGI scripts
  • MHonArc/hypermail - for all of the archives of the mailing lists
  • swish-e - for the search engine
  • Majordomo - for the mailing lists

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