About the Birman server

Who setup the Birman web server and why? The Birman web server was originally created by the Kopriha Cattery to provide information about Birman cats to the Internet. Our intention is to provide any and all information possible about our wonderful 'kids'.

Like any good project, the idea caught on. Recently, this site was opened up for many other Birman lovers to help out (with projects and financially). The details aren't all clear yet - this page will be updated as we figure it out.

We need your help! If you have any information about the Birman breed (clubs, newsletters, pictures, stories, history, ANYTHING Birman!), we would LOVE to put your information on the Birman Web Server!

Note: The only restrictions to additions are copyrighted materials which must be approved for electronic distribution via the World Wide Web. Some photographers are agreeing to this if their copyright is obvious and we restrict the size and quality of the distributed images (we don't want to take away a possible source of the photographers income)

Please send suggestions, additions and comments to: WebMaster - webmaster@birman.org.

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