by GRP Cincicatti's Onistie of Kopriha

First published in Nine Silver Bells newsletter

It was a dark and stormy night and a shot rang out. Well, maybe a shot didn't ring out. And Stormy was over in the other corner. But it was a dark night! And was I ever scared. Let's start at the beginning.

I was just hanging around and Marge decided that I was a male (who would have thought it?) I kept running away from her, but she was very demanding. I knew about this great hiding place that was behind the TV. It had a patch of rug and it was protected from anyone chasing me. Its a little place and its pretty hard to get into and out of - but its great when you need a really private place for a while.

Tonight was the night for me to hide there. Mom and Dad had the bedroom door closed - which is kind of strange all by itself. I think O'Fleur was in there and kittens were due soon, but I'm not so sure now...

I gathered up all the speed I needed to jump down past the wires to the rug and jumped. I'd done it before and I knew I'd make it... except that I didn't quite make it like before. I got tangled up in the wires - lucky for me that I got to the floor without much trouble.

It was then that I started to get a bit frightened. These dippy wires just wouldn't let go of me. I tried making some noise - but mom and dad didn't hear me. I tried to bite at the dippy wires - a couple of hours later and I was stuck tighter than ever. I thought I'd never get out of there.

Morning came and I heard the bedroom door open up. My humans are pretty good at checking on everyone as they stumble by in the morning. I figured they'd find me soon. It took mom a while - but then she let out this scream. Oh boy... I figured she was mad at me. But she went running off and screamed at dad for a while. He came booking out and moved the stand that the TV is on and I was still stuck in the wires (the dumb things). He had to carefully cut two wires for me to get out - and was I ever thirsty.

They caught up with me after my drink and although I was a little worse for the wear, nothing was really wrong with me. And dad got the wires back together again... and he even tried blocking them off so no-one could get near them.

A couple of months later, mom and dad went on a trip for a few days. I had the same problem as before - Marge decided to chase me. I knew about the wires. I knew all about them. And dad had them blocked off really well; there was just one little hole and I knew I'd have to make an olympic style jump to get back there.

Wouldn't you know it... I make a great jump and blam - I got stuck just like the last time. Those dumb wires just leaped out and grabbed me.

This time I had to hope the cat sitter would find me pretty quick. Except that she didn't. Its not really her fault... she doesn't know all of us and its a bit confusing when a stranger shows up and has to feed us all.

I had to wait for mom and dad to get home. It was about a whole day. I was really pretty tired of trying to get out of there and the wires had wound around me until I just couldn't move any more. Then I heard the door and moms voice. I started to make some noise but I wasn't very loud. Mom found me again and was she ever frightened. She got dad right over to me as soon as she could. Dad had to be really careful this time - he had to cut two more wires and unwrap some of my fur from the wires (dumb things thought they could eat me).

I limped when I got out, but the litter box was great and so was dinner. I had troubles walking around for a day or so. My vet said that I probably just pulled something and he was right.

This time dad really fixed the wires - he made it so there is no hiding place behind the TV. Now I can't get stuck there - I feel a lot safer now.

You might want to warn your humans that dangling wires in small places are really dangerous.

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