Thanksgiving Show

by Kopriha's Serious Business

First published in Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, Gobble Gobble... Chomp... Burp.

Oops - excuse me. I should introduce myself - I am Serious Business, a blue point male kitten. This past weekend was great fun and Mom is making me write about it.

It started with Thanksgiving. What a holiday! How many other days are there where you wait around all day to get stuffed with turkey?

Mom and Dad said we were going to vacation in sunny Philadelphia for a couple of days (hey, no snickering... I was only 5 months old when they told me, and I didn't know it wasn't like Florida). While we were there, the Moorestown Cat Fanciers just happened to have a cat show (what a coincidence). There were eight speciality rings. About 424 cats entered, and only a few were abscent (these kind of numbers make me doubt that Mom just happened to be vacationing there... but it was her story, and I'll believe anything Mom tells me).

While we were vacationing in the show hall, we saw lots of Birman buddies. I only paid attention to other Birmans, but there were a good number of Birman parents too.

The kitten class had seven kittens - a chocolate point, five seal points, and me as the blue point. There were multiple finals which went to me (four finals) and Chatange Simba (two finals).

The championship class had 15 (Wow) - a chocolate point, 11 seal points, a lilac point, and two blue points. Buttonball's Smokin Joe dominated the finals - there was also a new Grand champion!

The premiership class of eight Birmans consisted of a chocolate point, three seal points, and four blue points. There were quite a lot of finals, which went something like this:

  • Katbernet Sauvignon - BLHP
  • Katbernet's Scooby-Doo - 5th BLH, 9th BLH, BLH PR, BLH PR, BLH PR
  • Pacha's Pfeffer - 2nd BLH, 6th BLH, 7th BLH, 9th BLH
  • Elfheim's Robin Hood of Cincicatti - 4th BLH, 4th BLH, 5th BLH, 7th BLH, 10th BLH
  • Chatange Roscoe - 2nd BLH, 5th BLH, 8th BLH

(Hey, is anyone else confused by all those strange words like BLH PR and BLH? Mom had better explain them to me soon...)

Throughout the show, the Birman parents seemed to entertain themselves pretty well. A paper airplane even won a best of breed!

I hope to see you at a show soon! How's that mom? Can I stop typing now and go back to playing? (Mom: It looks great!) All right! Bye!

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