The Legendary Nine Silver Bells

(Part of the Burmese temple tradition, and embodied by the lovely Birman Cats)

The Meaning of Each Silver Bell

  1. CAT -- Birth or Beginning
  2. PRIEST -- He eats what is left over and is easily satisfied with little.
    • RIGHT BELIEF -- that truth is the guide of man.
  3. WARRIOR -- Marches in front, and ready to fight.
    • RIGHT RESOLVE -- to be calm at all times and not to harm any living creature.
  4. HUSBAND OR WIFE -- Watchful, and goes out to the house first, and returns last.
    • RIGHT SPEECH -- never to lie, never to slander anyone, and never to use coarse or harsh language.
  5. STROLLING SINGER -- Ill-trained and changeful and wounds him who gets near.
    • RIGHT BEHAVIOR -- never to steal, never to kill, and never to do anything one may later regret or be ashamed of.
  6. THIEF -- He prowls around in darkness and is a shameless eater.
    • RIGHT OCCUPATION -- never to choose an occupation that is considered bad.
  7. COURTESAN -- Fond of sleep, gentle, and trusting.
    • RIGHT EFFORT -- always to strive for that which is good and avoid that which is evil.
  8. CHILD -- Fond of sleep, gentle, and trusting.
    • RIGHT CONTEMPLATION -- of the NOBLE TRUTHS, in calmness and detachment.
  9. HERMIT -- Digs the earth with his paws.
    • RIGHT CONCENTRATION -- will then follow and lead to the path of perfect space.
  • Religious part, following the eightfold path.

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